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Commercial kitchen cleaning services in Santa Monica California.
Local county health agencies check restaurants and other retail food service providers to make sure that personnel follow safe food handling practices and have adequate clean kitchen equipment, floors, fridges, stoves, walls etc.
Kitchen inspectors have to determine if restaurants are in compliance with rules and regulation of the county.
High risk establishments that serve food to public may be inspected four or more times per year.
Each inspection focuses on five key food safety risk factors: personal and kitchen cleanliness, food temperatures, food source, food safety facts, and prevention of cross-contamination.

It is very important to have effective deep kitchen cleaning of all kitchen units and hood vents on a timely manner to prevent negative annual inspections report or even closing of the kitchen.
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Kitchen must be cleaned regularly to make sure that kitchen passes the grease inspection. How often you need deep kitchen cleaning depends on how heavily kitchen is used. For example, large commercial cooking production will require more often cleaning than a community center.

If you run a restaurant business in Santa Monica California or the surrounding area, don’t wait a fire strikes your business. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 96 requires trained personnel to clean restaurant kitchen hoods and exhausts on a regular basis (NFPA 96-11.4).
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Our experienced technicians will make sure your kitchen safe and ready for any inspection to pass.
Moreover, buildup grease in the exhaust system and commercial kitchen appliances is a fire hazard, and significantly effects on the efficiency and lifetime of expensive kitchen equipment. It is easier to maintain it by regularly deep cleaning vs replacing it with new units.

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