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Commercial kitchen cleaning Venice California

Commercial kitchen cleaning services in Venice Los Angeles California.

Fire Hazard on commercial kitchens Venice California
Commercial kitchens are at high risk of fire due to great volume of cooking. Grease accumulates especially in kitchen exhaust duct systems. It is very flammable and creates dangerous working environment for the kitchen staff and business itself. To reduce the risk, all food service establishments must remove built-up grease and other cooking byproducts that can be source for potential fires. The experts at CE Commercial Deep Cleaning Venice California will thoroughly clean your kitchen down to the metal and make sure no flammable grease left behind.

Our company uses commercial grade non-toxic chemicals and steam power tools to certify that your kitchen is clean and comply with county codes. We proudly serve all California.
Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services Venice California Include:
• Kitchen Hood Cleaning
• Grill Cleaning
• Floor Cleaning
• Walls Cleaning
• Ceiling Cleaning
• Power Scrub Ceramic Tile Areas
• Kitchen Appliances
• Ovens
• Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers
• Clean Kitchen Floor Drains
• Clean Behind Kitchen Appliances
• Stainless Steel Equipment cleaning
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Don’t replace expansive commercial kitchen appliances! Clean it and recycle. Call us for a free professional evaluation of your kitchen. We will give you the most cost effective alternative. CE Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Venice California will return your kitchen units and walls to it appealing state. We have the solution.
We use commercial hot steam power tools to bring that polished stainless look back and get rid of the thick grease and burnt-out byproducts.
It takes hours of labor to bring that equipment back to “inspection ready stage” . Moreover, we understand how important to keep restaurant running that’s why our team will work around Your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to the restaurant operation hours.
Our goal is to be the most reliable and respectful Commercial Kitchen deep cleaning company in Venice California. We always work hard to exceed customer expectations as a provider of services that creates better working environments in the food serving industry.

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